Sunday, June 17, 2012

කවි බූන්දි | Finding My Identity - [Subadra Jayasundara | සුභද්‍රා ජයසුන්දර ]

It was only a yesterday that,
I was a child on your shoulders
Though I hadn’t known it

At the end of the day,
your eyes tell tales
of exploited love
Had I ever recognized it, till now

As you say “You, my big child”,
I would protest “do you imply stagnation”,
As you give me a couple of words
I always return with long essays

“Why? two genders” I asked you once
“To keep the dualistic form” you replied
If I were to show my womanliness
It would stand against your manliness

I thought of independence,
Identity and self-concept
I never thought of losing you

The universe has unveiled its immenseness
Familiar ground’s having a peculiar gravity
The northern wind does blow,
The Skies lie on September grey
Though this is June, the second week of June

Since I have never been without you
I never knew that about me
Had I ever known that I was you
I wouldn’t have let you go, without me

When the nights are too long for arguments,
every time you would sink into me,
causing my identity to sink into you

cause your love is so overprotective
you leave me with neither an identity
nor any escape, in the second week of June

June 2012

Subadra Jayasundara | සුභද්‍රා ජයසුන්දර