Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KAVI BOONDIYA | At Last - [D. V. Gallage | දේ. වි. ගාල්ලගේ]

Aha ! What a radiance of a dawn!
Tenderly awakening the body
Has it come to an end?
The long-stood cloudiness

What a marvel it is!
Foliage all over the garden
Crowned with blossoms
Bloomed in numerous colours
Unlike in all the gone days

For what delight felt by?
The birds unseen before
Reaching the pond laid in solitude
Amid the hushed compound
Enjoying a bath by
Fluttering their wings and heads

Oh ! How long I consumed
To realize the curious happenings
It is nothing else but -
Your wonderful entrance into my heart
At last, passing eons

D. V. Gallage | දේ. වි. ගාල්ලගේ