Thursday, May 19, 2011

KAVI BOONDIYA | From where the life has struck - [Ajith C Herath | අජිත් සී හේරත්]

I opened a Window
to see the Earth of Google,
to fly over my Country
where you live,
where we all lived once,
so long and together.

I would land on Mathale Wiltshire
and walk along the roads and vales familiar,

avoiding the uninvited chasers,
recalling the blurring faces,
unfolding the map of past and traces.

I would walk upon an image
taken in the cloudless day light
by a sleepless eye of a satellite,
and I would see from the sky view,
the gloomy Nanayakkara garden
where the first love is buried
and where my soul is still tarried

I would listen from
an unreachable distance.
to a murmuring baby,
whispers with angels
in his infantile dreams .
I would hum a cradle song
To keep him in dreaming so long.

I would stay for a while,
at Balakaduwa defile,
where my friends were fallen
and where the corpses found swollen.

I would zoom the map, for a moment
to search the Bay of Nandikadal
where the people were massacred,
in the name of you,
my dearest motherland sacred!

Ah! My beloved country!
the darkness of the night
has already reached you
awhile before me,
and the life has been forgotten
where it was left behind
long time ago.

[October- 2009]

Ajith C Herath | අජිත් සී හේරත්