Friday, December 18, 2009

The Voice of Solitude [Manjula Wediwardena]

The Voice of Solitude

Even a gun can
make a dream smile
Even a dream can
Stop a furious bullet

Who can stop?
If the sun rises
In the middle of the darkest night
Who’s going to stop?

If it heavily rains
In a full moon night
Yet, there’ll be no moon
Only the darkness…
Rain, rain and rain

Only the finger
That presses the trigger
Points back at the conscious
Only the fist
that hardly twisted
Knows the dreadful
Pain of the death

Ask a man
who walks with his head down,
 what he eagerly searches
on the ground

He may answer…..

At times….
Solitude can be enchanting
for a poem
A poem may be reminiscence
at the end….
Then there is death….
But one thing is certain
Death is immortal
to a weapon…

Manjula Wediwardena- (හුදෙකලාවේ කටහඬ )
[Translated by: Malathie Kalpana Ambrose]