Saturday, November 7, 2009

Visit of a friend [Mahinda Prasad Masimbula]

Visit of a friend

Your knock on the door
Stroked my heart
The familiar picture
Known to me for ages
Appears out there
Outlined with the door frame

Our friendship grown
in the woods and streams
Still remember the day
that thread was broken
The distress I had kept
For years in my heart
Just disappeared
As you entered in to my room

Who darkened that sparkling face,
Once like a rainbow filled with colors?

Years have passed –since we parted
The deep but blemished- those weary eyes
Discolored feet, covered with dust
Silently tells an unspoken story

Unsettled debts- confronting injustice
Conflicts with life – yet the long legends

Eyes stick to the ceiling,
gazing at the fan
Strives to fathom the meaning
of the life and all its spam
Yet, am struggling to tell you
I can’t wait for sun
As I have to sleep
And get back to life and run

Tried myself to keep me
From falling in to sleep
As my eyes were closing up
Heard your sighs so deep

The last glance on your face
Imparted before you left
Asked for nothing, yet spoke
Thousand unspoken words

Let me fill your pouch
With tears I shed for you
As we’ve cried together
for each and every woe ...........

Mahinda Prasad Masimbula
"නවාතැනට පැමිණි මිතුරා"
A selected poem for the final round of "Akshara Senaga-2009"
[Translated by: Kalpana Ambrose]