Monday, November 23, 2009

Massive [Mahinda Prasad Masimbula]


In that glamorous twilight
as I came to see you
I sensed, I was convinced
It was only *Galaha road
The biggest road in the world….

It was the day
The biggest rain drop in the world
Ever fell on to the earth

Three storied, enormous
The biggest university in the world
Was floating in a massive misty flow
I sent you the biggest message
in the world ever sent
“I am here to see you”

With the fastest walk in the world
You drifted towards me
the sparkling face and painted with
The most gorgeous smile in the world

Cleared the solitude together
We set up the biggest moment in the world
So then started to flow
The largest river in the world
Filled with love
Touching the bottom of our hearts

Then came the biggest obstacles
The walls of separation
built up in between
There were no doorways
On the top of those walls
There placed the biggest thorns in the world

Amongst all the biggest
souvenirs and statues
I still sense and feel
I am the smallest in the world…

* Galaha road is the road driven to the University of Peradeniya

[Translated by : Kalpana Ambrose]